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8 Famous People with Disabilities – Overcoming Disability and Following Passions

8 Famous People with Disabilities– Overcoming Disability andFollowing Passions


Some famous people are particularly well known for their inspirational lives and accomplishments,
something that is especially true for celebrities with disabilities. The individuals in this list have all
overcome their disabilities in inspiring ways, emphasizing that disability doesn’t have to be a barrier
to your passions. The following 8 people have all made incredible contributions to art, science,
music, acting and sport.

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All You Need To Know About Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

All You Need To Know AboutWheelchair Accessible Taxis


In Australia, the number of Wheelchair Accessible Taxi’s has increased over the past 30 years. Increases in consumer demand combined with government legislation and subsidies have meant that these taxis are more accessible for people with disabilities. The number of companies offering wheelchair accessible taxis has increased which have improved accessibility and your ability to get to where you need to be.

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Electric Wheelchair Hockey

Electric Wheelchair Hockey


Electric Wheelchair Hockey is a fast moving and dynamic adapted sport. It’s commonly known as “Power Hockey” so if you’re curious and want to learn more about Electric Wheelchair Hockey continue reading!

Electric Wheelchair Hockey was first started in 1970. It has since become an internationally known sport with a future goal for it to become a Paralympic Sport. Electric Wheelchair Hockey is played on a wooden court with the aim of the game to get the ball across the other team’s goal line.

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Guide to Accessible Beaches in Australia

Guide to Accessible Beachesin Australia


An accessible beach should provide easier access to the beach for people with disabilities so that anyone can enjoy the beach. There are an increasing amount of beaches in Australia that are becoming accessible for people with disabilities. These beaches have some key features that make them more accessible and encourage people with disabilities to go to the beach which include accessible facilities, transport and infrastructure.  

Apart from people with disabilities being in a position to enjoy the beach access, they should be able to get to the beach and water with ease. This article presents a guide to accessible beaches in Australia with special attention to the elements that make a beach accessible.

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10 Adapted Sports To Keep You Fit and Healthy

10 Adapted Sports To KeepYou Fit and Healthy


Playing sport gives the body much needed exercise, as well as having a positive effect on mental and emotional development to greatly increase life quality. The increased number of formal and specific associations, federations and regulations for adapted sports make them more appealing to people with disabilities.

There is now more access to adapted sports from a beginner level to international competitions. Adapted sports can be played for recreational, competitive, therapeutic or for high performance competition purposes.

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