Head supports and positioning to provide comfort and control of the head and neck

The Whitmyer range provides a complete variety of head positioning solutions for the support and control of the cervical spine and head, from the most basic to complex of needs.

The Wheelchair Headrest Supports range offers comprehensive sizing and a variety of accessories for customised positioning of the patient.

Different Types of Wheelchair Headrests

PLUSH Wheelchair Headrest Systems utilise dual density foam layers on a contoured, curved panel. These single pad head rests are easily adjustable and accommodate changes or inconsistencies in body and head positioning. The unique “cupping” shape provides posterior support with a high degree of comfort and safety. This basic headrest is ideal for tilt/recline, and has the ability to add lateral support, anterior support, or switches as client’s needs change.

Available in 4 pad sizes, the Contoured Cradle Wheelchair Head Support’s  is generically designed to cradle the occupant and provide lateral cervical support.  This wheelchair headrest solution supplies a high degree of comfort and positioning in a simple-to-adjust head support.

The Heads Up wheelchair neck support is an innovative device designed to maximise clients’ interaction with their environment by providing anterior, posterior and lateral support of the head and neck. It features swing-out, adjustable arms to easily accommodate client transfers and varying client presentations.

S.O.F.T Dual Sub-Occipital three pad wheelchair Head Supports solve the most challenging head positioning issues. This patented device combines two width and rotationally adjustable sub-occipital pads with an adjustable occipital pad for independent anterior/posterior movement. the added adjustability of the individual suboccipital pads allows adjustment to asymmetrical postures and deformities. Attaching lateral facial pads, switches, and/or anterior supports adds to this system’s versatility.

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