Ethical Suppliers Policy

Sunrise Medical believes in sourcing goods and services only from suppliers who operate in an ethical way and we ensure that the people we work with share our aspirations.

We expect our suppliers to conform, as a minimum, to the following standards of operation:

  • All applicable and local environmental, health and safety regulations must be adhered to, and a safe and healthy workplace provided
  • Wages paid comply with national legal standards
  • There shall be no discrimination against any employee on any grounds. 
  • Child labour shall not be used and minimum age legislation shall be complied with in all areas that our suppliers operate
  • Employment must be freely chosen
  • Working hours comply with national laws and standards
  • No harsh or inhuman treatment is allowed
  • All relevant environmental legislation shall be complied with wherever our suppliers operate.
  • All hazardous or toxic waste must be properly identified and disposed of by licensed and competent bodies
  • Suppliers will respect the confidentiality and anonymity of any research or prototype project undertaken on behalf of Sunrise Medical

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