Breezy P100Multifunctional Wheelchair

Power to Manual in 2 Easy Steps!

Versatility in a perfect all rounder.  The BREEZY P100 is a folding multi-functioned wheelchair suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  It offers quick assembly and disassembly, and is easily converted from a powered wheelchair to a manual wheelchair with the simple addition of self propelling 24" wheels (supplied with the chair).

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From $3,995

Please note this price is based upon the MSRP (Manufacturer’s suggested retail price) and may not include additional optional extras or freight and is subject to change without notice. Please see your local authorised dealer for a detailed quote.

BREEZY P100 Multi-Functional Wheelchair


TWO IN ONE!  Power or Manual....   The choice is yours....

Having multiple mobility solutions in the one product not only saves you money, but space as well. With our ‘click in / click out’ transformation, changing the chair from a powered wheelchair to a manual wheelchair or vice-versa is a breeze, saving you time and allowing you get on with your day

It's easy to pull apart for easy storage at home, or for transporting in the car. 

Flip Back Armrests

Flip Back Armrests

The flip back armrests allow for an easy transfer and whilst in use are a comfortable place to rest your arms. Fitted with desk length armrests, these allow to fit comfortably underneath a table or desk.

Swing Away & Detachable Footrests

Swing Away & Detachable Footrests

Swing-away hangers and flip-up footplates are strong and adjustable to withstand daily use. Included with these are our adjustable heel loops to keep your feet in a comfortable position and offer extra support when needed.

Half Folding Backrest

Half Folding Backrest

Designed to keep the chair as compact as possible, the half folding backrest reduces the overall height

Foldable & Compact

Foldable & Compact

Having a compact and folding powered wheelchair is a must these days and the Breezy P100 is no exception. With a folding backrest and removable accessories, the chair is able to fit into most small cars.  

Document Pouch

Document Pouch

Keep your belongings in a sizable pouch on the rear of the backrest.  Large enough to fit all your electronic devices, this is a simple yet functional storage space when you are on the go.

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Maximum User Weight:120kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it's advisable to recharge the batteries every night - regardless of their use during the day. It's especially important to fully-charge your power wheelchair before first-use. If you don't recharge the batteries regularly, it will reduce their ability to hold power.

Our Built-4-Me customisations team can help to provide customisations that go above and beyond the standard options that are generally available to order. They'll make every effort to provide you with a safe, reliable solution that matches your needs.

Your user instruction manual will provide information on how to adjust the driving profile. However, any reprogramming of the control unit must be carried out by an authorised Sunrise Medical dealership. Improper programming of the control unit can jeopardise safety whilst driving.

The charge indicator that's built into the charger should notify you. However you should always consult your user manual for the exact instructions for your power wheelchair model.

Battery life depends on many factors such as user weight, temperature, use of electronic options, terrain and battery charge status. Battery life that's indicated in your user manual and other documentation is a theoretical maximum values (as according to ISO 7176 standards) and will always be affected by the situation the power wheelchair is used in.

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