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The Jay ComforFit wheelchair positioning system offers the right seating solution for your individual needs. Providing exceptional comfort is our goal!

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Jay ComforFit wheelchair positioning
Anterior Trunk Support

Anterior Trunk Support

Available Supports: Classic Style, Contour Style, Backpack Style, Y Style, Zipper Open, Adjustable Stretch Style, Center-Opening with Buckle. For more information please see Catalogue.

Foot and Ankle Support

Foot and Ankle Support

Ankle Positioner The Ankle Positioning System incorporates a soft, breathable, three-point ankle support that attaches to an ABS base plate. The base plate is secured to the footrest with the provided bolts (drilling the footrest may be required.) Adjustments may be made around the ankle or at the heel. Foot & Ankle Positioner The Foot & Ankle Positioning System incorporates all the features of the Ankle Positioning System, plus adds a ComforFit padded toe strap to ensure total control of the client’s foot and ankle. Toe strap is easily replaced—no sewing required!

Shoe Holders

Shoe Holders

Shoe Holder w/ Tendon Relief The Shoe Holder with Tendon Relief is constructed of an injection molded plastic in a single wall thickness. High heel walls allow for more aggressive positioning, while a cutout at the back of the heel cup provides clearance for the client’s Achilles tendon in plantar flexion. Available only with padded straps. ComforFit Shoe Holders are designed to capture the complete shoe, or stockinged foot. All Shoe Holders come standard with adjustable straps that have a curved buckle for added comfort.Removing and replacing straps is easy — no sewing is required for attachment. Shoe holder Standard style Shoe Holders feature a low profile, double-wall construction with a rolled edge to eliminate hard edges. Available with either padded or non-padded straps.

Pelvic Positioning Belts

Pelvic Positioning Belts

ComforFit Pelvic Positioning Belts feature an ergonomic pad design. The small indent in the pad fits the ASIS for increased comfort while ensuring the positioning you intend to achieve. Choose from a wide range of buckles and pad sizes. Metal anchors are included for mounting.

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Product Options

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.