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Children's Mobility Systems

Designed specifically for kids, JCM’s children's mobility equipment provide all of the simplicity that you need, along with the built-in adjustments to keep up with your child's changing needs.

Base Options (Triton & Neptune)

Base Options (Triton & Neptune)

Base Options (Triton & Neptune)

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, our products are only available to buy via our network of authorised dealerships. Please contact us to find your nearest dealer.

Yes. Please contact us with the product that you are interested in and we'll pop one in the post to you.

Our products are only available via our network of dealerships in Australia. However, we have many distribution outlets throughout the world. Please contact us to find the best one for you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to donate products to individuals.

Our products are only available to buy via our network of dealerships. However, many of them offer financing options. Please contact us to find your nearest dealership.

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Mobility is an inherent human desire and is imperative for inclusion and development.

At Sunrise Medical, we know that cognitive and motoric development are active and dynamic processes which happen through time and are facilitated by movement and inclusion.

Our JCM mobility products are designed to aid in your child’s growth and development by providing mobility that allows your child to be included in normal everyday activities but are easy to use, store and transport.  Each of the systems are highly adjustable and ready to meet life’s daily challenges head on. 

You can be confident the JCM paediatric mobility products will continue to meet your child’s needs over time because growth and adjustment are built into each system.   

The JCM range  has specially considered the design of the systems giving parents and carers a ‘non medical looking’ equipment solution for their child, yet meeting the child's special postural needs.    We’ve also considered options and accessories that are important to the carers – Attendant brakes, adjustable height stroller handles, tires and wheels that allow you safely to manage at the park and the sports grounds, cappuccino holders.