A lifetime worth of positioning in one chair!

Triton offers individuals who have extensive and complex seating and postural needs the opportunity to get active with others and their surroundings. Its unique combination of design, form and functionality is underpinned by years of experience, continuing devleopment and a commitment to helping children.

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JCM Triton Wheelchair Positioning
Modular Design

Modular Design

Triton is the most versatile, modular seating system on the market today.  With great new features, including the detachable back and legrests, it is quick and easy to configure and provides a seating system to meet the exact specification of the end user.  Available with or without dynamic seating options, Triton accommodates clients with basic through to very complex needs.  With 6 sizes to choose from, the Triton is a great choice from age 6 months through to adulthood.

Controlled Pelvic Positioning

Controlled Pelvic Positioning

In conjunction with the hip supports, the wide range of adjustment in the sacral pad allows you to position the pelvis preciously.  As well as accommodating adjustment for anterior and posterior positioning, the sacral pad can be adjusted to accommodate rotation.  This can be used to support a fixed position or assist with de-rotating the pelvis.

In relation to the reclining and dynamic back functions, the sacral pad works indpendently.  This helps maintain a good position at the pelvis as the backrest moves.

Superior Dynamics

Superior Dynamics

The unique dynamic back is easily adjusted to control the level of resistance the user feels as they exend in the chair.  This mechanism is not a spring action, as commonly used on dynamic chairs, but is air pressure controlled and the recoil is also adjustable so the back moves in harmony with the user, rather than pushing them forward as they relax.  These features, unique to Triton, give the chair a controlled, gentle movement with the flexibility to adjust the sytem as the user grows or presents differently.

The dynamic mechanism works independently to the chair's reclining back.  A locking function can be simply engaged for periods of feeding, transferring and transportation.

Air pressure controlled, adjustable and works in harmony with the user.

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Seat Width:12.5 - 47.5cm
Seat Depth:15cm - 55cm
Tilt Range:-15 to 25 degrees
Seat to Footplate:130 - 510mm
Maximum User Weight:up to 100kg
Total Weight:13.5kg - 19.5kg (seat only)

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.