STEPS Training / Training Calendar 2021

Training Calendar 2021

See below for our upcoming training and webinar dates:

Workshop Title
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3/08/2021 MAT Evaluation & Seating and Mobility Crash Course

Microsoft Teams This comprehensive program is designed to provide applicable concepts to anyone involved in seating and wheelchair assessment Special emphasis will be placed on the value of the “hands-on” seating assessment - both supine and sitting. We’ll provide practical tips and tricks to make you much more comfortable doing a MAT assessment.
6/08/2021 Workshop : Tool Time - 
Adjustments in the Field
Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley, SA AM session : 9am to 12pm (Register now)
PM session : 1pm to 4pm (Register now)
Unicare Health, together with Sunrise Medical would like to invite all therapists involved in wheelchair adjustments to join us at this workshop.
Feel confident to make minor adjustments to a manual wheelchair and seating in the field, understand how a small adjustment can have significant, positive effects on function and know the difference between imperial and metric.
11/08/2021 WEBINAR - Made To Measure Manual Wheelchairs – How this effects fit and performance  GoToWebinar During this lunchtime webinar, Mitch will discuss RGK’s Made to Measure System and how this impacts how a wheelchair is uniquely designed for each user. 
16/08/2021 WEBINAR - Decades of living on wheels - What’s changed, what still needs to change? GoToWebinar During this lunchtime webinar, Errol talks about his life on wheels. 

Kew Golf Club

120 Belford Road

Kew East, VIC 3102 Join us for a Quickie Masterclass in powered mobility. We’ll help you understand all the different base types, power seating options and drive control devices and how they impact on client participation and functional outcomes. Consider this a super charged class on understanding powered mobility.
8/09/2021 WEBINAR - Development of Head and Trunk Control GoToWebinar During this lunchtime webinar, we’ll describe how control develops, review assessment techniques and develop helpful therapy sessions to use in your clinic/community practice.
21/09/2021 Seating and Mobility Crash Course

Sage Hotel Wollongong -

60/62 Harbour St, Wollongong NSW 2500

Please Visit -

This workshop is for clinicians newer to the prescription process or those that need a bit of a refresher... 

We’ll cover the basics: immediately increasing your confidence! 

  • Gathering required information in an efficient manner
  • Sitting assessment strategies in the community
  • Measuring for standard/semi configured MWC and less complex PWC
  • Features to look for in a manual wheelchair to suit common diagnoses
  • Common wheelchair adjustments in increase client comfort and function
  • Features to look for in seat cushions to meet client needs.
10-11/10/2021 Source Kids Expo - Perth Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre Please Visit - The Source Kids Disability Expo is coming to Perth in September 2021. Focused on children, youths and young adults living with a disability up to the age of 25 years - this expo brings together the latest products, services and technology, along with some incredible speakers under one roof for two days. 
19/10/2021 Assessment Strategies for Mobility Devices

The Mantra - Hervey Bay QLD 


Please Visit - This workshop provides valuable information to participants newer to the assessment, prescription and funding processes of seating and wheelchair prescription - or those wishing to have a bit of a new look at seating evaluation. Designed with NDIS in mind, every attendee will learn the skills necessary to effectively perform seating and mobility assessments, troubleshoot existing seating systems and use these skills to assist clients in selection of appropriate seating and mobility technology maximizing health, function and participation.  
16/11/2021 Power to the People: Power Mobility Mercure -  Townsville, QLD Please Visit - Join us for a Quickie Masterclass in complex powered mobility.  We’ll go beyond the typical and address when standard features don’t meet client functional need. We’ll look at more complex situations including less typical power seating systems - such as standing, lateral tilt and anterior tilt.   

Please contact us via email or telephone if you have any questions or require further information regarding our training events. We can also arrange personalised sessions on specific topics that you require.

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