STEPS Training / Training Calendar 2022

Training Calendar 2022

See below for our upcoming training and webinar dates:

Workshop Title
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25/05/22 - 26/05/22 ATSA Independent Living Expo, Sydney

Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, Halls 5 & 6

8:30am -4:30pm Assistive Technology, Rehabilitation and Aged Care Equipment Exhibition 

Aidacare APT Session

Aidacare Case by Case – Translating Adult Assessment Findings into a Product Trial
07/06/22 Let's Get Upright Webinar

12:00pm - 1 hour We’ll explore the clinical reasoning and considerations when prescribing a standing frame
16/06/22 GTK Melbourne: Paediatric session   GTK Melbourne

Addressing Paediatric Posture Over 24 Hours

18/06/22 - 19/06/22 Source Kids Disability Expo Melbourne Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

10am - 4pm Focused on children, youth and young adults living with a disability up to the age of 25 years, showcasing the latest products, services and technology
23/06/22 Let's Get Walking Webinar 6pm - 1 hour Rebekah will present the latest research on the challenges and benefits of active mobility for children with mobility needs

Mobility and Seating Solutions for Your Paediatric Clients


12:00pm - 1 hour Utilising a client case study, we’ll go through the steps for a paediatric seating and mobility assessment
07/07/22 Linds Rehab  Translating MAT Outcomes   Linds Rehab Hallum, VIC

translating assessment findings into product prescription.

Changing Perspectives: The Practical Application of the ICF and F-words


6pm - 1 hour 

Join Rebekah for an informative and thought-provoking webinar on how the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and ‘F-words’ can be used in clinical practice.

20/07/22 - 21/07/22 ILS Seating series  Melbourne TBD  
20/07/22 Paediatric Mobility GTK and Sunrise Wetherill Park Sunrise Medical Wetherill Park

Addressing Paediatric Posture Over 24 Hours


Paediatric Bases – Considerations for Selection


We’ll go through the considerations for different mobility bases and what factors you will need to discuss to support informed decision making.
18/08/22 ATP – Aidacare  Sydney – Paediatric TBD Getting the Most from Postural Management Equipment in the Pediatric Population

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