Dirk Passiwan


Dirk Passiwan
"I love to play wheelchair basketball and it's one of the important things in my life."

Dirk Passiwan started playing wheelchair basketball in 1990 and can look back to three Paralympic Games (2008, 2012 and 2016). A family guy in his freetime and an office clerk for 30 hours a week, he still holds up a deep passion for wheelchair basketball. He aims to play it on a professional level for a few more years and already trains the local team Doneck Dolphins in Trier, Germany.


"My dad sits in a wheelchair since he is a kid so I grew up with it and I sat more in a wheelchair than I rode a bike. I started playing wheelchair basketball at the age of 14 (1990) as a non-disabled player.

In 2000 I got a lot of problems with my knees so from this time I was allowed to play international wheelchair basketball for Germany. Now I play since 27 years and it's been 23 years on the highest level and leagues.
I played 3 Paralympics (Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016), 1 World Championship and 4 European Championships.

With the National Team we won the Silver Medal in 2011 in Israel and the Bronze Medal in 2015 in Great Britain. With my club we won the Andre Vergauwen Cup in 2014. Individually I got MVP and European Topscorer 2011 in Israel and 19 times I was awarded Best scorer in the German Bundesliga. One time in 2009 I was best scorer in the first Italian League.

These were great experiences and I never dreamed of this. Now I try everything to play more years on this level and still try to get better and better. I also aim to teach my experience to kids or other players and make them stronger."

"Try to work hard each day and never rest on this what you reach."


Paralympic Games (Rio)
European Championship (Great Britain)

Bronze Medal

Andre Vergauwen Cup


Paralympics Games (London)
European Championship (Israel)

Silver medal


Paralympic Games (Beijing)

5th place