Carina de Rooij


Carina de Rooij
"Basketball is an extremely physical sport, it demands a lot from your body."

Born on the 10th August 1980, sport has always played a large part in the life of Carina de Rooij. Growing up participating in gymnastics, Carina suffered an unfortunate fall in 1999 which resulted in her breaking her back.


Looking for a new athletic pursuit, Carina turned her attention to basketball. "After finding myself in a wheelchair, I started looking around for a new type of sports activity. I first started playing Basketball at the Center for Physical Rehabilitation, that's where I was being treated after my injury. Basketball was really 'love at first play' for me!"

Joining the third team with SC Antelopes in Utrecht, Carina was quickly promoted to the first team, where she started on the bench. The following year, Catrina participated her first big tournament - followed by the Paralympic Games in Athens 2004. With the European Championships (2011, 2013, 2015), World Championships (2014, 2015) and London 2012 to her credit, Carina is looking forward to her next challenge. "Basketball is an extremely physical sport, it demands a lot from your body. But it's great fun and builds great teamwork - it's very important to me and I couldn't live without it. I've participated in sport all my life, it's a great way to let off steam and I find it immensely enjoyable".

"Basketball is an extremely physical sport, it demands a lot from your body."
My sports wheelchair
"My sports wheelchair of choice is the QUICKIE Allcourt Pro. It's a new Built-4-Me customisation that was entirely custom measured and built specifically for me. My wheelchair and body now becomes one unit and it fully supports my athletic performance."
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My everyday wheelchair
"My QUICKIE Helium Pro is an extremely lightweight wheelchair. It is accurately made to fit my body and has a beautiful design that's tailored to both my personality and my style."


Paralympic Games (Rio)
Bronze Medal
2014 World Championships
2013 European Championships
2012 London Paralympics
2011 European Championships