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Jorge Madera Jimenez

Jorge Madera Jimenez


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"I believe that to get good results, you have to work hard - and that's always been my motto in life."

Jorge Madera Jimenez

The youngest of four brothers, Jorge Madera Jimenez was born on the 19th January 1980. Always interested in sports from an early age, his life changed at the age of 20 when Jorge was involved in a car accident (causing injuries to his spine). It was during his recovery where Jorge first experienced adapted sports - "It was really thanks to my roommate in the Guttman Hospital, that's where I was admitted to after my accident. He's the one who first got me into disabled sports".

Starting with athletics in 2002, it was originally a hobby for Jorge to help with his health, but it turned into his passion. "I never imagined that I would end up being a professional athlete. Athletics has helped me grow so much, both on a professional and personal level. I believe that to get good results, you have to work hard - and that's always been my motto in life".

His hard work paid off when Jorge joined the Spanish National Team, with his first competition at the Mediterranean Games in Almeria in 2005. Since then, Jorge has competed at the Indoor championships (2006), World Outdoor Championships (2006), Special Olympics (2008) and the European Championships (2010). Fulfilling his dream of taking part in all of the world's greatest marathons, it's Jorge's desire to continue to represent his country in the sport that he loves - "I've always practiced sport, but now I have managed to turn my passion into my work - and I feel lucky to practice what I love. I'd love to continue competing in athletics as it's given me so much, but I'd also like to get involved with other amateur sports players too, so I can pass on my knowledge and experiences".

Jorge Madera Jimenez, Racing
Photo Credit: Antonio Romero Fotografio

Road to Glory


Paralympic Games (Rio)


2015 Qatar World Championships

12th Position (Track)

2015 World Marathon Championships (London)

8th Position