Experience freedom like never before with Attitude wheelchair hand bikes.

The Attitude is  an add-on wheelchair hand bike series that opens up so many possibilities to live life to the limits. Whether you want to exercise with the Manual add-on handcycle, or cruise anywhere with the full Power add-on handbike, there is an Attitude add-on bike perfect for you!

When you ride with an Attitude hand bike you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before.

Why Choose a QUICKIE Attitude Wheelchair Hand Bike?

Docking System - Ready to go in seconds!
The Attitude hand bike‘s clever docking mechanism attaches to your wheelchair in a matter of seconds.........and it‘s just as quick to remove. Ideal for when are in a hurry!
Featured on all models, This docking mechanism is so simple, it locks securely to the front of your wheelchair – without the need for extra parts or cluttered wiring around your knees.
The Add-On Hand Bike can be fitted to our Quickie Range of fixed front framed wheelchairs, including the Xenon2, Q7, GT, GP & GPV.
We also have Docking Kits available to rig up to your exisiting compatible Quickie Manual Wheelchairs.

What is your Attitude?

In this range there are 3  different types of Add-On Wheelchair Bikes you can choose from.

The Manual Wheelchair Handcycle add-on will offer you a lightweight and hand operated sporty solution and is ideal for those looking to improve their overall strength and wellbeing through recreational cycling. Featuring  30 speed gears and powerful disc brakes which provide exceptional driving performance and speed control.

The Attitude Power Wheelchair Add On Hand Bike provides you with 100% electric powered propulsion - sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! With a strong 250 Watt motor powering a 23 kph top speed,  you're free to live life to the limits and go anywhere with your add on electric handbike.

The Quickie Attitude Hybrid wheelchair hand bike combines all of the health benefits of manual cycling with the reliability of powered propulsion. Helping to reduce fatigue, the powered motor can be engaged whenever you encounter a tricky hill-climb or just to provide you with that little extra speed when you need it.

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