RGK Veypr Sub4Rigid Wheelchair


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Made to measure meets carbon fibre for an unrivalled performance

A 10-year dream made a reality. With new pioneering technology, the Veypr Sub4 is the world’s first truly made to measure carbon fibre wheelchair. With Sub4 ultra light technology, effortlessly providing a smooth yet rigid ride and over 30 individual measurements the 'real' made to measure is unlike any other!

With a high everyday usability the Veypr Sub4 is built for everyday adventures. With captivating appearance and ergonomic design the Veypr Sub4 provides the ultimate rider experience.

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RGK Veypr Sub4 carbon wheelchair

Smooth yet rigid ride

100% Carbon Fibre Frame

The Veypr Sub4 comes with a 100% carbon fibre frame. One of the key benefits of carbon fibre is its strength in comparison to weight, so while this wheelchair is ultra-lightweight it is also extremely strong to provide a smooth yet rigid ride. The Veypr Sub4 consists of 4x layers of handcrafted carbon fibre - three structural layers of carbon fibre, each offset by 45 degrees provides the optimum strength in all directions. The final layer is then hand laid with precision to achieve a beautiful herringbone weave pattern finish. The world’s first truly made-to-measure wheelchair with a 100% carbon fibre frame!


100% Carbon Fibre Frame

Built for Everyday Adventures


The Veypr Sub4 is the world's first truly made to measure carbon wheelchair. Like all wheelchairs in the Sub4 range, the Veypr Sub4 has a guaranteed* transport weight of less than 4kg but is even ~10% lighter than an Octane Sub4. This makes the Veypr Sub4 the ultimate wheelchair for the active lifestyle. A lighter wheelchair means everyday actions become easier. With a transport weight starting from 3.3 kg transferring into the car is easy and pushing long distances is effortless thanks to its 2.4kg frame weight.

* Excluding wheels, cushion and non-certified options.



Precision Control

Redesigned Carbon Fibre Castor and Seat Rail

We haven’t just updated the frame for the Veypr Sub 4, all key components have been redesigned. Everything that can be carbon fibre is carbon fibre.  

The redesigned carbon fibre castor fork is 40% weight saving compared to its aluminium equivalent! Unique to the Veypr Sub4 process, the seat rail tube has been redesigned for strength and comfort. The larger surface area provides the frame with rigidity while the remodelled shape has been optimised for hand grip and comfort.

Redesigned Carbon Fibre Castor and Seat Rail


Make it yours

Put your stamp on it, your colour, a personal detail, the Veypr Sub4 decals are personalised to suit you.

Make it yours

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Seat Width:250 - 440 mm
Seat Depth:250 - 440 mm
Front seat height:380 - 520 mm
Backrest Height:150 - 400 mm
Backrest Angle:-10°-20° of tilt
Footrest Size:200 - 520 mm
Frame Type:Carbon
Maximum User Weight:110 kg
Total Weight:3.3 kg (transport weight without wheels)

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.