Voyage Early Intervention Stroller

Go together. Grow together!

Go together. Grow together!

The universal Zippie® Voyage™ early intervention stroller combines Baby Jogger™ stroller expertise, Zippie’s incredibly versatile seating for growing babies, and one of the largest selections of functional accessories in the industry!

The result is an intuitive, easy-to-use stroller that makes no compromises when it comes to what’s best for baby.

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From $4,295

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Crash Tested ZIPPIE Voyage Early Intervention Stroller
Slide-N-Lock Interface Plate

Slide-N-Lock Interface Plate

Now with the new Slide-N-Lock interface plate, Voyage seating systems can be effortlessly interchanged between the Baby Jogger stroller base, the optional Zippie Folding Booster Base, or the JCM Hi-Lo Activity Booster Base, allowing your child to fully engage in activities at the table or on the floor.

Baby Jogger™ City Select Base

Baby Jogger™ City Select Base

Zippie teamed up with Baby Jogger® to give you an intuitive, easy-to-use stroller option. With patented Quick-Fold Technology, the Voyage base folds into a compact package in one simple step. Puncture-resistant rear wheels and swivel front wheels with suspension glide over and around obstacles while keeping your child calm and secure. For smooth tracking during longer walks, lock out the swivel front wheels. Features you'll love include quick-access wheel locks, telescoping stroller handles, and a carry-all storage basket that holds up to 6.8 kgs of your essentials.

Click here to learn more about Baby Jogger's Award Winning Technology.

Reversible Seat with Tilt and Recline

Reversible Seat with Tilt and Recline

The Zippie Voyage Early Intervention Stroller offers 35° of rearward tilt and an optional 45° of recline assist with feeding, digestion, respiratory function, and visual orientation, while forward tilt helps babies bring their hands to their mouth and reach for objects. Tilt and recline can be engaged using simple hand levers. For maximum interaction, face the seat rearward toward you, or face it forward so your child can explore their surroundings

Functional Accessories

Functional Accessories

The Voyage is available with accessories that simplify daily care so you can spend more time interacting with your child. Multiple options for ventilator trays, IV poles, and oxygen tank holders support your child's medical needs while keeping the stroller light and manageable. The Folding Booster Base maintains your child's positioning during feeding and activities. The cup holder, rear add on accessory platform, and easy-to-adjust tray make accomplishing daily activities easier for you.

Versatile Seating Systems with Built-in Growth

Versatile Seating Systems with Built-in Growth

The Zippie Voyage NOW offers 2 different seating systems -

Voyage Advanced Seating (VAS)
Designed for children with moderate to advanced positioning needs. Offers an extensive selection of seat options and adjustable components, and black stretch upholstery with coloured piping.
The Advanced Seating is easily grown from 5” to 12”. To match the seatings coloured
accents the VAS also offers coloured canopies in two different designs.

Voyage Moderate Seating (VMS) - pictured
Designed for children with mild to moderate positioning needs, the Moderate Seating offers growth by changing the lateral positing components. It also features soft, adjustable components and polka dot upholstery with coloured accents.

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Height:39.5“ – 42“
Seat Width:VAS: 6" to 13" VMS: 9.5" to 12"
Seat Depth:VAS: 5" to 13" VMS: 8" to 13"
Seat Height:23.5“ – 26.5“ (3 steps possible 23.5 / 25 / 26.5“)
Seat Tilt:35° (-5° to 30°)
Backrest Height:7" - 17"
Back Recline:100° (80° to 180°)
Lower leg length:6“– 12.5“
Maximum User Weight:34 kg
Total Weight:18kgs (12kg Base & 6kgs seating)

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.