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Luke Pople

Luke Pople

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"If you're not first you're last."

Luke Pople

Luke "Popes" Pople was born in 1991 and started playing wheelchair basketball in 2004. He loves being part of a team and enjoys the competitiveness of the game. He considers being away from his friends and family one of the biggest challenges when practising the sport all around the world.

"I was born with Spina Bifida and started using a wheelchair from the age of 8 years old. When I was 13 I was approached at a shopping center in Wollongong whilst shopping with my family by Eino Okkonen (Founder of the Wollongong Roller Hawks) and he asked me to a come and try night.

From there I made my way through NSW juniors and into the NWBL. I have played 3 seasons in Europe 2 years Porto Torres in Italy and one in Koln, Germany.

I met my wife in 2014 and we then married in 2016. This is how I gained my son Noah who is now 12. I also have a younger brother (Chris). My idols are Michael Jordan and Brendan Dowler but following my fellow teammates, NBL, NBA and NRL players also inspires me.

I'm the social media and graphic designer for the Sydney Blue Sox Professional Baseball team that compete in the ABL."

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