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On Holiday with the Q50 R Carbon PWC


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How often do you get to say that?

Designed for convenience and reliability, the Quickie  Q50 R Carbon boasts a low 14.5 kg product weight, folds super compact making is sure to become your perfect travel companion.  

Made out of a premium carbon-fibre frame, the Q50 R has unique shock absorbing characteristics to deliver a smooth, efficient ride even outdoors. As a rear-wheel drive chair, it safely manages outdoor travel, all while remaining stable while driving.  It also has one of the higher user weight capacities at 136 kgs and features brush-less motors and reliable, industry leading PG electronics to ensure long term durability.   

Even indoors, the Q50 R has a 800mm turning radius to navigate narrow homes and compact public areas like museums quietly and discreetly, without hassle.

Need to go further? Just bring the optional second battery along – each rechargeable Lithium-ion battery gives you 12km to explore – meaning the second battery doubles your range up to 24km and easily manages the demands of the day. You can even recharge your own “batteries” with a cup of coffee using the included fabric cup holder!

This means the Q50 R Carbon is the perfect powerchair for outdoor use, even when travelling in foreign cities and new environments!

Light and as strong as it is, the Q50 R body and frame weighs only 14.5kgs. This means your chair will be lighter than the average travel bag and takes up less space.

As a folding powerchair, the Q50 R Carbon is designed to fit snugly into the boot of the car or be tucked away into train or plane compartments. The standard transport strap assists this further and becomes even easier to lift!

The Q50 R Carbon offers more independence, accessibility, and options for users than ever before. Even the Lithium-ion batteries are IATA approved for aircraft transportation and can travel alongside you on planes with your airline’s confirmation (as per the Owner’s Manual  - be sure to check with your airline before any travel). Sunrise Medical has created travel tags   These feature a large ‘Warning’ tag to support safe handling, plus a detailed information tag. This will help ensure everything comes along on holiday with you! Click the link to download your own Powerchair Travel Tags | Sunrise Medical

Suited for users needing easy transportable longer range transportation, the Q50 R Carbon is the ideal all-rounder at home and for your travels!


Download this article as a printable PDF

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