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Lightweight Wheelchairs

Quickie lightweight wheelchairs are an extension of yourself, a perfect match to your active lifestyle and an expression of your personality!

Our manual wheelchair range consists of rigid lightweight wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs and positional tilt in space wheelchairs that are designed to provide premium control, excellent driving performance and are highly adjustable to suit you and your needs.
Every Quickie wheelchair has its own distinctive personality, which one matches yours?

Quickie 2 Series

Quickie 2 Series Folding Wheelchair

Versatile, modular, and lightweight folding wheelchair!

From $2,620

Krypton R

Krypton R Rigid Wheelchair

The carbon fibre QUICKIE wheelchair with a rigid frame.

From $8,495

Krypton F

Krypton F Folding Wheelchair

The carbon fibre QUICKIE wheelchair with a foldable frame.

From $8,495

7R Series

7R Series Rigid Wheelchair

QUICKIE 7R and 7RS: designed to move with you

From $3,880


Q7 Rigid Wheelchair

Ultra lightweight wheelchair designed for superior handling and speed.

From $3,695


5R Rigid Wheelchair

Highly adjustable to elevate your mobility

From $3,880


GP/GPV Rigid Wheelchair

Adjustability in a solid, rigid frame

From $2,830


QRi Rigid Wheelchair

Lightweight open frame design, perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle

From $2,095

Xenon² SA

Xenon² SA Folding Wheelchair

One of lightest folding wheelchairs in the world, now with swing-away legrests.

From $4,300

Xenon² FF

Xenon² FF Folding Wheelchair

One of the lightest folding wheelchairs in the world.

From $4,615

Xenon² Dual

Xenon² Dual Folding Wheelchair

Lightweight and reinforced frame!

From $4,825


QXi Folding Wheelchair

Durable, low-maintenance frame perfect for the person looking for simplicity & longevity

From $1,990


M6 Heavy Duty Wheelchair

The ideal solution for bariatric clients weighing up to 295 kgs

From $4,615


SR45 Tilt In Space Wheelchair

Features 45 degrees of patented and proven rotation-in-space technology

From $4,195


IRIS Tilt In Space Wheelchair

Featuring up to 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology

From $3,985

Life does not end when you sit in a wheelchair. It becomes a new one. And it's the perfect opportunity to overcome your limits every day.

Patricia Santana, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

The total width of your wheelchair can be found in the user manual (or in the ordering documentation of your wheelchair). What is important to know when it comes to manual wheelchairs is if you have a camber, the overall width increases rapidly. For example, a wheelchair with 6 degrees camber and 24 "wheels, becomes 80 mm wider than a chair with 0 degrees camber.

Please consult your user manual for more information on setting changes for your wheelchair.

Yes, our Built-4-Me team can help you achieve requirements that go above and beyond what you would find on the typical product order form. They'll make every effort to provide you with the most suitable solution to your request. 

We'd recommend that your wheelchair is serviced by an authorised Sunrise Medical dealership every year. For your safety, some elements of your wheelchair should be checked regularly. Please refer to your user manual for more information.

If you have a folding wheelchair, your serial number will be on the cross-brace (the folding bars underneath the seat of your wheelchair). If you have a rigid wheelchair, the serial number will be on the rear side of the frame.

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QUICKIE Rigid Wheelchairs are perfect for active users who know what they want in a wheelchair. The minimalistic frame design have fewer movable parts allowing us to achieve lightweight wheelchairs without compromising on precise control, superb balance, and exceptional performance.
Are you after a highly adjustable rigid wheelchair?  Then Quickie 5R might be just what you are looking for....
Or perhaps a stylish ultra-lightweight wheelchair like the Quickie Q7 renowned for its superior handling, efficiency and speed?

QUICKIE Folding Wheelchairs are ideal if you are looking for a convenient and portable mobility solution. Their folding frames are easy to fold, lift and transport whilst still offering a solid & sturdy ride.
Our range of folding wheelchairs are also highly adjustable and perfect to cater for your changing needs.

Are you looking for an ultra-lightweight folding wheelchair? Then look no further – the Xenon2 FF weighs under 5kg in transit and is the lightest wheelchair in our range.

QUICKIE Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs are designed for a variety of pressure relief and positioning needs. The tilted position helps to facilitate feeding and respiratory function, reduce pressure beneath the pelvis and improve visual alignment by holding the head upright. The Quickie IRIS is a tilt in space wheelchair that features up to 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology to achieve superior positioning.
Not sure what type of wheelchair you should choose? Try our interactive Help Me Choose service to point you in the right direction!