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Early Intervention Seating Systems

Modular seating systems for children that allow ordinary activities such as schoolwork, playing, kindergarten activities, etc. We work with individuals, therapists and carers to design products with both a clinical and an emotional focus. Using the latest research and clinical understanding, we create practical solutions which are easily integrated into family life, because for us, life is about going, enjoying, participating and doing. Stronger together!

Squiggles Seating System

Squiggles Seating SystemSeating System

Ultimate combination of postural seating and everyday comfort for a growing child.

Mygo Seating

Mygo SeatingSeating System

The optimum pediatric postural support seating system.

KIT Modular Seating

KIT Modular SeatingSeating System

Postural support to adolescences with complex needs

Everyday Activity Seat

Everyday Activity SeatSeating System

Positioning support for kids, teens & young adults

PAL Seating System

PAL Seating SystemSeating System

The perfect balance of postural support and classroom practicality.

Squiggles Early Activity System

Squiggles Early Activity SystemSeating System

Modular early intervention postural support mat

Life does not end when you sit in a wheelchair. It becomes a new one. And it's the perfect opportunity to overcome your limits every day.

Patricia Santana, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, our products are only available to buy via our network of authorised dealerships. Please contact us to find your nearest dealer.

Yes. Please contact us with the product that you are interested in and we'll pop one in the post to you.

Our products are only available via our network of dealerships in Australia. However, we have many distribution outlets throughout the world. Please contact us to find the best one for you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to donate products to individuals.

Our products are only available to buy via our network of dealerships. However, many of them offer financing options. Please contact us to find your nearest dealership.

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