Paediatric wheelchairs designed to keep up with the pace of kids!of kids!

ZIPPIE paediatric wheelchairs are designed to enhance your child's development and ability to explore. Our lightweight children‘s range of wheelchairs are versatile and offer a full range of easily tailored options and accessories, that can be tailored to suit child’s personality and needs.

Zippie knows that Kids GROW so we build in growth and adjustment into our pediatric wheelchairs.  You can feel confident that the wheelchair will continue to meet your childs needs as they grow and develop new skills.   

What type of wheelchair frame do you need?

Do you need a wheelchair that tilts?

Do you need a wheelchair that grows with your child?

  • ZIPPIE Iris Tilt In Space Folding Wheelchair


    Tilt In Space Wheelchair

    Cutting-edge rotation-in-space technology that now folds!

    Starting from $3,995 

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  • Zippie X'Cape children folding wheelchair

    Zippie X'Cape

    Children's Wheelchair

    Rigid wheelchair performance and folding wheelchair convenience

    Starting from $3,295 

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  • Zippie TS paediatric tilt-in-space chair


    Tilt In Space Wheelchair

    The premier folding paediatric tilt-in-space chair

    Starting from $4,095 

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  • Zippie Zone pediatric rigid wheelchair


    Children's Wheelchair

    Get in the Zone with the lightest Zippie designed for active kids and teens

    Starting from $3,395 

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  • Zippie GS Children's Wheelchair


    Children's Wheelchair

    Growth and versatility that keeps up with busy kids

    Starting from $2,695 

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  • Zippie Iris iXpress wheelchair add-on

    Zippie iXpress

    Children's Wheelchair

    A highly reliable Power Add On system allowing a manual chair to be driven with a joystick

    Starting from $8,495 

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Why Choose a Zippie Wheelchair?

Zippie products are designed to be a simple-to-use and a reliable source of support & mobility for the active lifestyles of children.

Zippie supports the specific needs of each child, yet allows them to be as creative and independent as they can be. Zippie paediatric wheelchairs offer clinical solutions that are more than just a little fun - boasting superior design elements to increase functional mobility. Use of high quality materials ensures we never let them down.


Ability for Growth available for all Zippie models

  • Multiple features and options to ensure the right “fit”

  • Adjustment and growth built into the frame  allowing for change over time.

  • Common components mean less inventory and easier adjustment for changing needs

Transit Option
Kids deserve mobility that doesn’t compromise safety. That ’s why all Zippie wheelchairs with the transit option are tested for use as a seat in a motor vehicle
Largest Variety of Options
Individualise each chair to meet the child’s mobility needs
• Adjustable Stroller Handles
• Hublocks
• Armrests
• Seating Options
• Power Add on option

ZIPPIE rigid paediatric wheelchairs are perfect for children and teenagers who have an active and independent lifestyle. These rigid children’s wheelchairs are designed to be easy to propelled, have outstanding balance and offer a superb sturdy performance.

Take a look at the Zippie Zone – This wheelchair offers a large range of options and the ability to grow the wheelchair as you child’s body grows or skills set change.

ZIPPIE folding paediatric wheelchairs are a great option if your child has changing needs or if you are looking for a lightweight portable option. These wheelchairs for kids are designed with folding frames that collapse for easy portability and include built-in adjustment to accommodate for your child as they grow.

Check out our Zippie X’Cape Children’s Wheelchair that features our patented XLOCK technology making this wheelchair super easy to fold up and down!

ZIPPIE tilt in space wheelchairs are designed to assist in improving your child‘s positioning needs. The tilted position helps to aid feeding and respiratory functions, reduce pressure beneath the pelvis and improve visual alignment by holding the head upright.

This cutting edge rotation-in-space technology designed just for kids is featured in the Zippie IRIS.

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