Reliable everyday wheelchairs that accommodate a variety of needs

Designed and built with the user in mind, the Breezy family of standard wheelchairs provide users, caregivers and suppliers peace of mind in terms of quality, dependability and ease of operation.

Featuring steel or aluminium folding wheelchair frames, our manual wheelchair range is thoroughly tested to ensure a stable ride, making BREEZY a name you can trust.

Do you need a wheelchair that tilts?

What type of frame material?

Do you need comfort seating?

What is the weight of the intended user?


Today, there are many different types of wheelchairs on the market all designed to cater for different needs which can make choosing a wheelchair a little challenging.
A professional OT and Wheelchair Specialists will be able to help advise you on which type of wheelchair will suit your needs best, by evaluating your level and type of injury, age, body type and endurance - as  different conditions can dictate the type of wheelchair you will need.

Full time wheelchair users may need a different type of wheelchair than part time users, depending on daily activities and lifestyle choices.

BREEZY lightweight wheelchairs  like the BasiX 2 are built using lightweight aluminium and are great options when you need to use a wheelchair more frequently or have unique needs. These adjustable wheelchairs include premium upholstery options and adaptable components to provide superior comfort throughout the day – another great example of our standard wheelchair is the Breezy RubiX 2 XL which  boasts a modern look and whilst catering for heavier users.

Our BREEZY range of standard wheelchairs are designed to make caregiver-assisted travel safe, convenient, and comfortable. Whether travelling to and from the house, to and from the car, or doing short errands, these manual wheelchairs offer comfortable sitting surfaces, narrow frames, and fold easily for storage.

BREEZY EC range of everyday  wheelchairs are crafted from durable steel frames and are perfect for occasional or short-term use.

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