Electric powered wheelchairs for an independent lifestyle!

Indoors or out, a Quickie electric wheelchair has the performance and maneuverability to get you where you want to go.

Highly powered for an independent life and available with a host of drive bases, seating systems and expandable control systems, you’ll always be in control of your independence with Quickie.

Which drive wheel base do you need?

Do you need environmental or speciality controls?

Where will you use your power wheelchair?

What is the weight of the intended user?

Do you need tilt or recline power seating?

Electric Wheelchair Types

QUICKIE Standing Powered Wheelchair, the QM-710 Stand Up is an electric wheelchair that allows you to stand up in an upright position with a simple push of a button. This wheelchair utilises the latest in controller technology and features the capability to program our very simple and unique assignable button function to accommodate each individual need.

QUICKIE Rear Wheel Drive Powered Wheelchairs - Intuitive to drive, they offer powerful suspension systems, high drive speeds and numerous drive control options. These electric wheelchairs are very stable in the great outdoors,  driving over uneven surfaces, or climbing obstacles. Take a look at our Jive R2 to see what this RWD power wheelchair has to offer!

QUICKIE mid wheel drive electric powered wheelchairs are capable of turning on their own axis giving the smallest possible turning radius which is ideal for compact indoor spaces. Their sophisticated suspension systems, wide range of seating systems, and numerous drive control options take your independence (both indoors and out) to the next level.

Looking for a Power Wheelchair that is great for both indoor and outdoor use?  The Quickie QM-710 is the answer!

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