Sports wheelchairs that give you the competitive edge you have been training for!

Featuring  ultra-lightweight material, high performing technology and efficient ergonomics, Quickie’s range of  sports wheelchairs are ideal for both amateur or competitive sporting competitions.

Whether its tennis wheelchairs, basketball wheelchairs or racing  hand cycles, our active wheelchairs  are designed to excel your game with superb driving capability, speed and control!

Which sport would you like to use your wheelchair for?

How would you define your participation level?

Which Quickie Sports Wheelchair is for me?

Wheelchair sport is not only a great way to keep fit and active,  but it also a great rehabilitation tool both physically and mentally. Participation in sporting activities encourages social interactions, builds confidence and boasts overall motivation and determination.

Which adaptive or wheelchair sport is for me?
Today, there is a large range of associations, clubs and arenas offering a wide range of different wheelchair sports. From the traditional Wheelchair Tennis to  rough and raggered Wheelchair Rugby to even a casual game of wheelchair bowls – there is a sport to suit everyone!

What equipment will i need? 
Depending on the sport you choose, there are a number of different sport wheelchairs designed specifically for a certain sport.
In wheelchair tennis, your main priority is stability – The Quickie Matchpoint Tennis Wheelchair offers a wide footprint and long anti tip to provide a sturdy ride, even when you are leaning forward to return a tough shot! 
Or perhaps Wheelchair Basketball is your thing - The Quickie All Court Basketball Wheelchair features a single-wing bumper which is light, lean, and built to take on an aggressive opponent!
Professional Wheelchair Sports
All you hard work has paid off and you are looking for a high performance  wheelchair  that  are individually designed to achieve results? RGK’s High Performance Sports Wheelchairs are sure to enhance your competitive edge!

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