Paediatric electronic wheelchairs desgined to give children the freedom they need to explore!

Whether it’s navigating around the home or exploring outdoors, Zippie’s paediatric electric powered wheelchairs have just as much energy for adventure as your child!

Designed specifically for kids, they offer seating with built-in growth options such as seat lift and power tilt to improve your child's positioning, and numerous shroud colors and patterns to bring out your childs indvidulality!

Which drive wheel base do you need?

  • ZIPPIE Xperience 2 Kids Powered Wheelchair

    Xperience 2

    Mid-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

    The Zippie Xperience will get you there.

    Starting from $11,995 

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  • ZIPPIE Xplore 2 Kids Electric Wheelchair

    Xplore 2

    Rear-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

    A robust and fully configurable hybrid

    Starting from $11,995 

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  • Zippie ZM-310 power wheelchair for kids


    Powered Wheelchair

    Combines our smallest, most reliable power base with paediatric seating

    Starting from $8,995 

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Why Choose a ZIPPIE Children's Electric Wheelchair?

Zippie products are designed to be a simple-to-use and a reliable source of support & mobility for the active lifestyles of children.
Zippie supports the specific needs of each child, yet allows them to be as creative and independent as they can be. Zippie paediatric wheelchairs offer clinical solutions that are more than just a little fun - boasting superior design elements to increase functional mobility. Use of high quality materials ensures we never let them down.


Ability for Growth available for all Zippie models

•  Multiple features and options to ensure the right “fit”
•  Adjustment and growth built into the frame  allowing for change over time.
•  Common components mean less inventory and easier adjustment for changing needs

Transit Option
Kids deserve mobility that doesn’t compromise safety. That ’s why all Zippie wheelchairs with the transit option are tested for use as a seat in a motor vehicle

Largest Variety of Options
Individualise each chair to meet the child’s mobility needs
• Adjustable Stroller Handles
• Hublocks
• Armrests
• Seating Options
• Power Add on option


ZIPPIE Rear Wheel Drive Powered Children’s Wheelchairs – Designed for kids and teens with busy everyday activites these electric powered paediatric  wheelchairs are Intuitive to drive,  ground compensation technology , multiple seating positions and numerous drive control options. These electric wheelchairs are very stable in the great outdoors,  driving over uneven surfaces, or climbing obstacles is a breese.

Take a look at the robust Zippie Xplore to see what this RWD power wheelchair has to offer!

ZIPPIE Mid Wheel Drive Electric Powered Children’s Wheelchairs  are perfect for children who want maximum accessability and independance - indoors or out!

Our paediatric  MWD electric wheelchairs are capable of turning on their own axis giving the smallest possible turning radius which is ideal for compact indoor spaces. Their sophisticated suspension systems, clinically proven paediatric seating systems, and numerous drive control options take their independence (both indoors and out) to the next level.

Take a look at the Zippie ZM-310 – it our smallest base that has serious power!

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