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Sports Wheelchairs

Every athlete is unique and we understand the importance of having a sports wheelchair made to fit you perfectly and to support your individual needs.

From entry level wheelchair sports, to professional wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis, RGK's range of premium user-matched wheelchairs are designed to maximise your performance!

Be confident that your active wheelchair has been engineered to maximise your potential, so you are free to concentrate on your game, your goals and on your victory!

RGK Club Sport

RGK Club Sport Sports Wheelchair

The ideal first adjustable sports wheelchair!

RGK Elite

RGK Elite Sports Wheelchair

High Performance Basketball Wheelchair

RGK Elite X

RGK Elite X Sports Wheelchair

The next generation basketball wheelchair

RGK Grand Slam

RGK Grand Slam Sports Wheelchair

High End Sports Tennis Wheelchair

RGK Grand Slam X

RGK Grand Slam X Sports Wheelchair

The next generation tennis wheelchair

RGK Predator

RGK Predator Sports Wheelchair

Built to Empower Your Game

Frequently Asked Questions

The total width of your wheelchair can be found in the user manual (or in the ordering documentation of your wheelchair). What is important to know when it comes to manual wheelchairs is if you have a camber, the overall width increases rapidly. For example, a wheelchair with 6 degrees camber and 24 "wheels, becomes 80 mm wider than a chair with 0 degrees camber.

Please consult your user manual for more information on setting changes for your wheelchair.

Yes, our Built-4-Me team can help you achieve requirements that go above and beyond what you would find on the typical product order form. They'll make every effort to provide you with the most suitable solution to your request. 

We'd recommend that your wheelchair is serviced by an authorised Sunrise Medical dealership every year. For your safety, some elements of your wheelchair should be checked regularly. Please refer to your user manual for more information.

If you have a folding wheelchair, your serial number will be on the cross-brace (the folding bars underneath the seat of your wheelchair). If you have a rigid wheelchair, the serial number will be on the rear side of the frame.

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RGK's mission is to inspire participation by building sport wheelchairs that are suitable for each individual and every team, regardless of age or aspiration.

We aim to help aspiring and professional athletes push their limits and be on top of their game by developing made-to-measure sports chairs individual to them.

Over last 30 years, we have worked hard to become renowned within the wheelchair sporting world for developing the highest quality and prestigious wheelchairs used by top professional athletes across the globe!

We are proud of our history and strong links to universities and sporting federations alike, helping them to achieve the best results for their teams’ performances with our user-matched wheelchairs.


Grandslam - for aspiring tennis athletes
User-matched and engineered for you with optional shin guard support means you can react fast to any solid return. This tennis wheelchair will be engineered to fit you perfectly and guarantees to deliver the performance you have been training for. Game, Set, Match.

Elite - for some serious basketball action!
Looking for an active wheelchair to reach new levels? Then you can't go past this high performance basketball wheelchair - the Elite! Offering maximum rigidity and absolute performance, the Elite sports wheelchair was truly designed to fit you as a second skin...

Club Sport - your ideal first sports wheelchair!
Feeling inspired to take up a wheelchair sport but don't want to make a major commitment just yet? the Club Sport is the chair for you! An entry level adjustable sports wheelchair that is economical and ready to go when you are.