Wheelchair backrests designed for lateral stability, comfort, and adjustability

JAY wheelchair backrests are designed to optimize function and comfort! We’ve designed our lateral back supports to be easy to use, and lightweight.  

Their contoured back shells, soft foam, and adjustable components offer stability and comfort to reduce fatigue and maximize function.

The extensive size and contour range means there is a wheelchair back to meet your exact needs. 

Ride in confidence knowing we've got your back!

Is the product intended for a paediatric or adult user?

Does the user have complex positioning needs?

Can the user self-propel their wheelchair?

How much lateral trunk stability is required?

Tips for choosing the best Wheelchair Backrest

Step One: Contour Depth
Contour Depths determine how much lateral  back  support and where the best location of the support is needed.
Step Two: Level of Support
Identify the proper level of support the client will need to sit properly and function as independently as possible. There are four postural support height levels available in the JAY J3 wheelchair backs range: Lower Thoracic (LT), Mid Thoracic (MT), Upper Thoracic (UT), and Shoulder Height (SH).
Step Three: Back Support Height
Determine the proper height of the back support. Each of the four level of support option for the backs come in three sizes (small, medium, tall) to accommodate for varying torso heights.
Step Four: Back Width
Take the measurements of the widest part of the back to determine the proper wheelchair back width.

 Step Five: Hardware
Depending on the wheelchair backrest  you choose, there multiple different hardware options to suit your needs:

  • 2-point (standard or extended) – easy to install, quick-release hardware

  • 4-point (standard or extended) – quick-release hardware that withstands greater force by distributing across four mounting locations.

  • Lite Mount – fixed hardware for a rigid mount

Step Six: Accessories & Additional Supports
Determine if the client needs additional equipment to best support him/her. The MT, UT, and SH configurations of the wheelchair backs  are able to accommodate additional positioning components including wheelchair headrests and lateral thoracic supports (fixed and swing-away options).
Please note: when selecting any piece of seating and mobility equipment we strongly encourage a complete assessment (including a mat evaluation) of the client be conducted by an experienced clinician and complex rehabilitation technology supplier

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