JAY GSWheelchair Cushion

Adjustable cushion with built-in growth for pediatric clients

Adjustable cushion with built-in growth for pediatric clients

The JAY® GS wheelchair cushion incorporates a highly durable, stable foam base and JAY's proven fluid insert technology with the unique ability to grow with the client while maintaining proper support, making it an excellent solution for growing children and young adults.

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JAY GS adjustable wheelchair cushion
Contoured Foam Base with Built-In Growth and Easy Modifications

Contoured Foam Base with Built-In Growth and Easy Modifications

The GS is designed to adapt and adjust, maintaining proper support for the user as they grow. Ideal for growing children and young adults, the GS features a large well cutout that allows the user to sit at the front of the cushion to start. As they grow, the shelf extension can be added to increase the front length of the cushion to provide additional support for longer leg lengths.

Its contoured, closed cell foam base requires zero maintenance, is highly durable, and can be easily modified in the field, while contracture cutouts help to protect the lower extremities.
Extensive Selection of Positioning Components

Extensive Selection of Positioning Components

The GS is available with an extensive selection of 2" and 3" positioning components, including lateral pelvic supports, lateral thigh supports, medial thigh supports, and additional shelf extensions. Positioning components can be ordered pre-installed or can be added at a later time.

The GS's foam base is topped with loop-side VELCRO® that allows the positioning components to be moved and rearranged as the child grows.
JAY Flow<sup>™</sup> Fluid Insert

JAY Flow Fluid Insert

The GS features a zero-maintenance JAY Flow fluid insert, which conforms to each individual's shape, adjusts to sitting positions, and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences to help protect the skin from breakdown. Its oversized design accommodates the foam base as it adapts with the user.

Stretch Cover with Ionic+<sup>™</sup> Fiber and 3DX Spacer Fabric

Stretch Cover with Ionic+ Fiber and 3DX Spacer Fabric

The GS pediatric wheelchair cushion includes a machine-washable stretch outer cover that utilizes Ionic+ fiber to naturally inhibit bacterial growth. A layer of 3DX spacer fabric promotes airflow for additional skin protection. Its waterfall seam reduces skin irritation at the front of the cushion to provide increased comfort.

The GS can also be ordered with an extra cover.

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Width:10 - 18"
Height:2.5" (without positioning components)
Depth:10 - 20"
Total Weight:3 kg
Maximum User Weight:136 kg
Product Options
Cover Type:Ionic+ silver thread stretch

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.