Leckey PALSeating System

The perfect balance of postural support and classroom practicality.

The Leckey PAL seat is the perfect balance of postural support and classroom practicality. Specially engineered by Leckey's’ team of talented therapists and engineers, the Leckey PAL Seat is a simple, robust and attractive classroom and pediatric postural seating system for kids 1-8 years of age, with mild to moderate postural needs.

This classroom seat is designed to provide improved stability, which helps reduces fatigue, enhances concentration and improves fine motor activity.

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LECKEY PAL Classroom Seating System
Bright and fun design

Bright and fun design

Available in 4 different sizes and 4 fun colours, the LECKEY Pal classroom seat is designed with a sleek, durable wooden frame being the attractive choice for classroom seating.

Versatile base options

Versatile base options

The LECKEY PAL pediatric postural seating has a range of base and footrest options, including castors, rockers and stabilisers, depending on the specific needs of the child.

For small children, the optional high seat frame converts the LECKEY PAL size 1 to a high chair, ideal for feeding and inclusion at family meal times.

Adjustments made easier than a..b...c

Adjustments made easier than a..b...c

This pediatric seating system is the perfect classroom activity solution for effective, comfortable seating that still meets the postural support needs for children with mild complexities.  

LECKEY PAL’s angle adjustable backrest, armrests, tray and tables ensure that the trunk has the extra support needed to help to lessen fatigue.

Positioning made easy

Positioning made easy

Coming equipped with a two point pelvic belt offers the foundation of effective posturing through a stable and adjustable pelvic base designed for mild posturing needs.

Additional positioning pieces, supports and footplates can be easily added to ensure the correct postural foundation for a comfortable learning environment.

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Seat Width:Size 1; 5.9-9.8", Size 2; 6.6-10.6", Size 3; 9-12.9", Size 4; 11-14.9"
Seat Depth:Size 1; 7-9.4", Size 2; 8.6-11.4", Size 3; 9.8-12.9", Size 4; 11.8-15.7"
Seat Height:Size 1; 6.2-9.4", Size 2; 7.2-11.2", Size 3; 9.8-13.7", Size 4; 11.8-15.7"
Age Range:Size 1; 1-3, Size 2; 2-5, Size 3; 4-8, Size 4; 7-12
User Height:Size 1; 27.6-37.4", Size 2; 35.4-41.3", Size 3; 39.4-51.2", Size 4; 47-63"
Maximum User Weight:30 - 50 kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.