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The infinitely configurable BeMe, is a revolutionary, highly personalised seating system that puts a child’s development and independence at the heart of its design.  Empowering a child to simply BeMe.

Available in three sizes, BeMe’s unique modularity allows the seating system to be tailored to meet the needs of every child – providing superior and individualised posture, function and comfort.

Regardless of age, size or complexity, BeMe has the perfect match.

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LECKEY BeMe Seating System

Personalised Support Starts from the Seat Core

At the heart of BeMe is the seat core, from which a range of interchangeable parts (including three seat options, three back supports, medial, lateral, proximal and distal supports) can be quickly and easily fitted.

Every part is available in different sizes and complexities and can be used on any size of BeMe to provide a new level of configurability and personalised support without compromise.

Revolutionary Seating with World’s First Truly Growable Contoured Cushion

BeMe’s genuinely growable cushion, with high-stretch foam and fabric, is contoured to maximise pelvic stability and comfort as the child grows and develops.

This breakthrough in support technology envelopes the child for immersive, comfortable positioning, improving pressure distribution and enhancing function. 

By reducing the need for hardware like pommels, and hip guides, BeMe allows the child to take centre stage without compromising support.

Click and Switch with Ease

BeMe is cleverly designed so that you can configure the right support quickly and easily. 

For total ease of use, parts can be effortlessly and intuitively interchanged, while clinical adjustments, including seat depth and back height, can be made while the child is seated.

Armrests, femoral guides and pommels can be quickly released making transfers easier than ever.

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Personalise the BeMe for tailored support

BeMe is designed to suit every need with its choice of three seat options: contoured, basic and split, three back supports: basic, moderate and complex and its vast range of accessories

  • Easily adjustable headrest for flat, contoured, or cradle positions
  • Flexible neoprene butterfly harnesses provide freedom of movement and correct postural alignment
  • Optional air-controlled dynamic backrest which regulates the resistance as a child extends and is speed adjustable as the child returns
  • Slim-line, width, height, depth and angle adjustable lateral chest supports allow the chair to gently hug and child for extra security
  • Unique patented pelvic cradle for stability and optimum positioning

Accessories listed on the BeMe order form.

The BeMe Clinical workbook explores how to choose and use the wide choice of BeMe accessories to tailor support and optimise posture, function and comfort for each child.

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Seat Width:Small; 275mm - Medium; 325mm - Large; 415mm - Medium Long; 325mm - Large Long; 415mm
Seat Depth:Small; 170*-325mm - Medium; 275-390mm - Large; 350-475mm - Medium Long; 325-440mm - Large Long; 400-525mm
Backrest Height:Small; 360-470mm, Medium; 390-520mm, Large; 500-650mm
Lower leg length:Small; 185-285mm, Medium; 280-450mm, Large; 290-510mm
Maximum User Weight:Small; 35kg - Medium; 50kg - Large; 70kg - Medium Long; 50kg - Large Long; 70kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.