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Adapted Camping in Australia and New Zealand



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Ah, to kick back under the stars and admire the great outdoors! Camping is hugely popular around the world as a way for busy people to relax, recuperate and get back to nature. In Australia and New Zealand, where landscapes are especially beautiful, there really is nothing better than switching off from the technology that punctuates everyday life and just enjoying the environment. Unfortunately, finding campsites and holiday deals with good disability access can be tricky. Here are some of the best spots:

Outback Tour Services

The Australian Outback is pretty incredible, full of spectacular plains and awe-inspiring landmarks. Providers at Outback Tour Services believe that everyone should be included in Australia’s marvels. They offer remote outback camping safaris with permanent tent accommodation. Tours are fully chartered, serving up to nine travellers at a time, and include use of a purpose-built vehicle with room for two wheelchair-using passengers. For remote parts of the tour, Outback Tour Services provides an ‘off-road’ wheelchair, enabling people with physical disabilities to cross rough terrain and go for a swim in one of the West MacDonnell Ranges’ best waterholes.

Big4 Holiday Parks

Australia is a huge country and every state has its own set of incredible attractions. Big4 Holiday Parks are dotted all over the country, and many of the parks offer accessible cabins and/or villas for guests with disabilities. From Victoria’s Port Fairy to Western Australia’s Busselton, Launceston in Tasmania, and many more, there are plenty of fantastic destinations to choose from and a whole host of access-friendly attractions in each location!

Trax Travel

New Zealand’s Trax Travel is all about what New Zealand tourism does best: adventure! Offering a wide range of accessible tours, travellers with a range of disabilities can participate in all kinds of incredible experiences including accessible parachuting, accessible heli flights, accessible rafting and boat travel, accessible exploring, and accessible skydiving!

WOW Tours

Recognising the importance of a good holiday, WOW Tours offers recreational activities for guests with all kinds of disabilities. Covering everything from farm stays, beach trips, fun parks, and hot springs to snorkelling, sensory-based trips, paintball, and the Grand Prix, there’s something for everyone and a great emphasis on diversity.

Leisure Options Angelsea Accommodation

Fully equipped with mobility ramps, accessible toilets and showers, a games room, and a karaoke machine, Leisure Options’ Angelsea Accommodation is located on Victoria’s amazing Great Ocean Road. Nestled in a native bush landscaped garden and big enough to sleep up to twelve people, it’s a great ‘glamping’ alternative to roughing it!


Stringybark Campground

Equipped with accessible toilets and hygiene facilities, Stringybark Campground is perfect for travellers after the real campsite feel. It’s located in Deep Creek, South Australia and is free from the extra features of motels and hotels; at Stringybark, it’s all about you and nature.

Hervey Bay River Front Tranquil Retreat

For the true relaxation only being at one with nature can bring, Hervey Bay River Front Tranquil Retreat is the perfect holiday destination! A beautiful cabin right on a fantastic riverfront, this spot is totally wheelchair accessible and even pet-friendly!

Reflections Holiday Parks

Reflections Holiday Park in Shaws Bay, New South Wales is all things comfort! The gorgeous accessible cabin has a great view of the Richmond River and there are plenty of nearby spots that are perfect for wheelchair adventures! Reflections also boasts several other awesome destinations.

Russell Top 10 Holiday Parks

Fully-equipped with wheelchair accessible facilities, these wheelchair friendly studio units in Russell, New Zealand are a perfect blend of camping and glamping. Check it out for yourself before you make a booking: there’s a great virtual reality tour available on the park website.

NRMA Ocean Beach Holiday Park

Another New South Wales gem, NRMA Ocean Beach Holiday Parks offer a range of accommodation styles and plenty of fun activities. They’re dotted throughout the state, and each park has accessible facilities that make holidaying with a disability a breeze.

Mannum Waters, Mannum Accessible Houseboat

A new spin on the camping world, houseboat travel is the height of a nature lover’s luxury! With wheelchair ramps, a wheelchair shower, grab rails, ground floor activities, and a shower chair available for hire if needed, this purpose-built houseboat is a fantastic holiday choice. Guests can float down the river from Mannum to Murray Bridge, taking in the spectacular view. Care can also be arranged by an approved DCSI service provider, NCIS provider if needed.

European Style Mountain Resort

Another exciting twist on camping, the European-style mountain resort is absolutely beautiful, located in the stunning Blue Mountains and boasting plenty of amazing features. The resort has a wheel-in shower, ramp access, shower chair, and grab rails, not to mention spectacular views!

Captain Cook Holiday Village

Designed for guests with disabilities, the Disabled Garden Cabins at Captain Cook Holiday Village are fully-equipped with great kitchen facilities and beds to sleep up to three. The bathroom has been adapted for wheelchair access and the shower includes a fold-down bench seat. Garden cabins have beautiful outdoor settings for guests to enjoy and are serviced by ramps, not stairs.

Wherever you’re off to, travellers with disabilities deserve to holiday in style! Take care to research accessibility and equipment, and take the trip of a lifetime!

Handy Resources

Travability is a Victoria-based travel agency focusing on inclusive tourism, both within Australia and beyond.Leisure Options is a family-owned boutique business supporting disability holiday tours.                                    Push Adventures is a South Australian business founded by husband and wife, Scott and Clair Crowley, who are passionate about sharing their tips and tricks when it comes to accessible tourism.