The Benefits of a Seat Elevation System


Seat elevation is a key accessibility element for power wheelchairs, but it is often forsaken in the design process. Although it is widely viewed as a luxury add-on, vertical elevation has a huge potential to increase users’ independence and quality of life.

However, this type of design innovation also presents an abundance of customization options, so it is vital that potential buyers select a seat elevation system which meets their specific needs.

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Adaptive Clothing for People with Disabilities


Clothing and fashion can be a unique and fun way to express one’s identity, creativity, style, and even cultural background. The right outfit can help you feel comfortable, confident, and body positive. Although disabilities often are accompanied by a complex range of comfort and safety needs, it’s also important to select clothing that reflects your personality and flaunts your style.

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Tips and tricks to help you perform maintenance on your wheelchair


Regular maintenance of your wheelchair keeps you mobile and ensures that your equipment is performing at the highest level of safety.

This post will look at some of the most common issues in wheelchair maintenance and go over our recommendations for the daily, monthly, and annual care for your manual wheelchair.


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Aids For Paralympic Athletes in Australia


Paralympic sports provide athletes with disability equal opportunities to compete and be successful. Just like a footballer who carefully selects his or her playing boots, Paralympic athletes select their equipment carefully to match their sporting and individual needs, and give them an edge in elite competition. 

If you decide to participate in adapted sports, whether professionally or recreationally, it’s important that you use the right equipment for your safety and enjoyment, and to give you the best chance of success.

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