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Finding the Right Sports Wheelchair or Hand Bike



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Wheelchairs are a doorway to the world of adaptive sports and fitness for many people with disabilities, and just like any other athletic gear, individual sporting disciplines demand specific features. For this reason, many sports-focused wheelchairs can be tailored to suit the individual and the activity. Such adaptations can include making wheelchairs lighter and more aerodynamic for speed, reinforcing frames for stability, and even adding attachments with which to carry sporting accessories.

Different Chairs for Different Disciplines

An important aspect to consider when purchasing or personalising a wheelchair is that different sporting activities call for different design features and options.

For example, wheelchairs which are optimised for adapted basketball and tennis often have stabilised frames featuring angled wheels to promote ease of rotation and speed. Hand bikes, which are used for adapted cycling, must be propelled with the arms, so to reach the high speeds that are required of them; their frames must be lightweight and aerodynamic. Conversely, wheelchairs that are designed for tougher contact sports, such as rugby, must be constructed from stronger, more enduring frame materials and are often outfitted with sport-specific accessories for offense and defense roles during the game.

Sports Wheelchairs Designed for Adapted Basketball

Wheelchairs built for adaptive basketball require two core elements in their design: a rigid frame, and a reliable anti-slip system. Anti-slip systems can vary in their practical design, but are a fundamental safety feature which prevents the chair from tipping too far in any direction and ejecting the user. Reducing the risk of tipping is crucial in any sporting endeavour as it keeps the athlete safe and works to prevent accidents and injuries during the game.

RGK is an internationally renowned company which specialises in designing and building bespoke sports wheelchairs. They are world-class in design, and boast an impressive range of products for adaptive basketball, including the RGK Elite.

The RGK Elite is a top-of-the-line aluminium frame basketball sports wheelchair for high level athletes who know their specific sporting needs. Integrating an axle chassis tube, foot rest, bumper, and anti-slip system, the Elite is a unique chair that responds to the smallest of movements in the field with grace and fluidity.

Hand Bikes for Cycling, Fitness, and Fun

Hand bikes are perfect not only for professional adapted cycling, but for fun and general fitness as well. The lightweight and durable Shark series by QUICKIE are state-of-the-art hand bikes, renowned in the adapted cycling community for their durability, performance, and speed.

The classic Shark RT hand bike promises a smooth and lightweight ride. With adjustable handles and foot supports, lower leg length adjustment, a parking brake, and an innovative backrest, the Shark RT offers greater personalisation to the individual for efficiency, speed, safety, and comfort.

Voted Best Product of the Year 2013 at the Plus X Awards, QUICKIES's flagship Shark RS model hand bike is the aerodynamic racing choice of champions. With minimal frame flexibility, maximum stability, and an abundance of personalisation options, the RS guarantees an optimal performance on every track.

Taking it one step further is the Shark RS Attack, a racing hand bike with next level performance. The RS Attack is designed on a shorter and wider frame than the RS, features 20 inch rear wheels, and is entirely made to measure.

Whether you're a professional or a beginner who is just starting out, and no matter your sporting endeavour, there's a wheelchair or hand bike that can get you there. As long as the fit is right for you, you’re needs and also the sport that you love. But most importantly that you have fun and be safe!