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Electric Wheelchair Hockey



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Electric Wheelchair Hockey is a fast moving and dynamic adapted sport. It’s commonly known as “Power Hockey” so if you’re curious and want to learn more about Electric Wheelchair Hockey continue reading!

A little about the game

Electric Wheelchair Hockey was first started in 1970. It has since become an internationally known sport with a future goal for it to become a Paralympic Sport. Electric Wheelchair Hockey is played on a wooden court with the aim of the game to get the ball across the other team’s goal line. Similar to ice hockey, players have hockey sticks that they use to hit a plastic ball rather than a puck in more traditional forms of hockey. Players can either tape the hockey stick to their wheelchair or hold the stick, depending on their ability to hold the hockey stick. There are five positions on the court which include: Centre, Goaltender, Left Winger, Right Winger and Defence. Players can alternate positions they play throughout the game.

Player Classification

In order to qualify to be able to participate in an Electric Wheelchair Hockey competition, you need to use your electric wheelchair for daily mobility. It may be beneficial to look into some modifications you can get onto your power wheelchair such as knee supports or defensive bars. Players need to be classified based on their degree of disability to test their functional movements and skill at using their power wheelchair. Additionally, players need to register with their local teams and complete a classification consent form.  Every player is classified and given a point score (ranging from 1 -4) with a team maximum of 11 points being allowed to play on the court at one time.  This ensures the game is fair and accessible for players of any level and also aims to keep the teams more even in abilities.

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Electric Wheelchair Hockey competitions range from beginners and local games to games played at an international level. At a national level the National Electric Wheelchair Sports competition includes electric wheelchair hockey, rugby and soccer. This competition has run for over 30 years and takes place over a week in a round robin tournament. An Australian team competed in the Electric Wheelchair Hockey World Championships in 2014 against teams from Denmark, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Finland. Italy will hold the Electric Wheelchair Hockey World Championships in 2018.

Where can you play?

The majority of Electric Wheelchair Competitions are based in New South Wales, at the Kevin Betts Stadium in Mount Druitt. Victorian Electric Wheelchair Sports Association (VEWSA) runs a combination of social and competitive Electric Hockey games throughout the year. The Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association in Queensland has a variety of competitions available for different levels and skills in Queensland. Additionally, the Western Electric Sporting Association (WESA) is based in Perth and provides sporting opportunities for people who have disabilities. There are a variety of different associations in various states for you if you do want to give electric wheelchair hockey a go! If you want to find out more information about Electric Wheelchair Hockey visit Disability Sports Australia.