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Importance of Adapted Cycling to Disabled Individuals



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Adapted cycling makes the hobby of cycling accessible to all people regardless of the challenges they face in the world. There are various disability cycles which suit different people with health, physical and learning disabilities. There are several cycling bikes which are modifiable to suit your disability requirements.

The world of cycling abounds in means and ways of reconfiguring pedals, wheels, and seats for all people to use when riding. These bikes can be tailored to fit the needs of everyone and provide ready-made solutions to existing problems.

It is not a must for you to have legs because hand cranks are in place to provide this solution. All you require is a friend who has an able body. These gadgets and machines, however, are manufactured in small quantities which make them very hard and expensive to get.

However, several adapted cycling centers have many suitable cycles and hold events for disabled people to try and enjoy cycling. You will also get the opportunity to learn and enhance your well-being and independence.

In the past, very few people had the luxury to hop on a bike and go for a ride. However, technological advances have given the disabled community the opportunity to enjoy cycling like any other people. Adaptive sports programs and adaptive adventures in the country have made it possible for people to hop on bikes and feel the fresh air of their faces.

The concept of adaptive cycling is simple. You have just to adapt and modify a bike to suit the requirements of an individual rider. These bikes cover all people. Disability affects all people, and all people know the extent at which disability affects. Many people know the people who can benefit from these bikes. The likely aspect of adaptive cycling is that it is a sport that covers all ranges of disability.

For the last seven years, development and researchers have come up with advanced cycling equipment that has made it possible for many people to ride. There are also adapted cycles for individuals with amputations, sight impairments, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, and much more. In many occasions, the modifications done on the two-wheeled cycle is minimal with two brakes on one side for an amputee, a holster for an amputee of above the knees, or a tandem for a blind stoker.

The hand cycle is the most advanced development in this field. It enables riders with mobility impairment in the lower limb to propel a cycle with three wheels using their arms. Adaptive Adventures, which is a national test center, gets its sponsorship from Invacare/Top End. There are a lot of hand cycles for people with varied sizes and ages, plus many different office locations in the world.

Anyone can enjoy cycling because it is a relaxing recreational activity and exciting sport. It is among the best outdoor activities that are exciting to participate. Sporting Wheelies And Disabled Association of Australia says that there are various disabilities that this sport can cover like tandem and those with visual impairments.

Most of these people use their hands to cycle rather than their legs. You need to be in a cycling club to access information like learning courses, try days, membership, and social cycling events. There are many cycling clubs in Australia, and you need to register with them to become a member.

adapted-cycling-body.JPGThese local organizations are essential for development and coaching opportunities and the association governs them. You will be able to access club competitions after becoming a member in sports events like hand cycling, track racing, and road racing. Becoming a member of clubs in Queensland, Australia comes with a comprehensive insurance cover for the racer. Opportunities for disabled cyclists usually vary between clubs

If you are a Para-cyclist, you will have the opportunity to compete in state, world, and national championship tournaments.  You need to undergo classification for you to compete at these levels. The Disability Sports Australia is the national body which is responsible for overseeing and representing all athletes with a physical disability. 

You require a roadworthy bike and a helmet approved by the Australian Standards. There are many bikes in the market, and they include the tandem, tricycles, mountain bikes, recumbent tricycles, and hand cycles. Modification of these bikes is not hard for suiting individual requirements. Your choice of the bike will depend on your disability type, unique needs, and a personal discipline choice.

The association has many hand and tandem cycles which are available for hire to club members. You can also decide to buy your adaptive cycle from manufacturers of these bikes in the country. It is not a must for you to be a cyclist to get involved. You can become a club member, a coach, a team manager, an administrator, or an official of the sport or simply a follower.

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