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Top Five Sunrise Medical Products at Independent Living Specialists



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          Top Five Sunrise Medical Products at Independent Living Specialists


Mobility solutions help improve independence, self-reliance, and the ability to travel distances that would otherwise not be possible. Appropriate mobility solutions can provide newfound freedom around both the home and the community.


Importance of Mobility Solutions

Sustaining a healthy and active way of life can be an imposing task, specifically for those with a disability. However, using a more suitable mobility solution can make this task easier. It will also improve social wellbeing, paving the way to take part in social activities and movement with friends and family.


How Mobility Solutions Change Those Affected by a Disability

Sunrise Medical brings the latest innovations in assistive mobility solutions for those affected by a disability to live a healthy and productive life. Sunrise Medical, established in 1983, has established an impressive portfolio of high-end mobility solutions, thus changing the lives of many individuals worldwide.


Types of Mobility Solutions- Power Chair, Wheelchairs, Scooters

Selecting a mobility device to aid you or your loved one is a difficult decision to make. It is vital to purchase something suitable for your disability, lifestyle, budget, and environment. With such a variety of products offered in the market, making the right choice can be difficult. It is recommended you speak to a product specialist before your purchase. They will assist you in finding a suitable unit, based your goals and needs.


Top Five Sunrise Mobility Solutions at ILS


Configured with both users and caregivers in mind, Sunrise Medical offers full flexibility and exceptional positioning options, allowing each product to suit your individual needs.


Breezy BasiX2 Folding Wheelchair

The Breezy Basix2 is a lightweight, self-propelling wheelchair with easy transportability and durability, blended with a stylish outlook. Adjustable seat depth, back height and seat height will allow the chair to meet your needs.

Quickie Q100 Powerchair

The Q100 navigates through tight spaces with ease due to its 540mm width, 1010mm long footprint and tiny 1600mm turning circle. This power chair provides a reliable ride on urban roads and paths, which makes it ideal for day trips. The unit is unbelievably lightweight at just 95 kg, it is perfect for navigating small urban or home environments.


Quickie Q200R Powerchair

The Q200R is an ultra-compact outdoor/indoor entry-level powerchair that features a slim base and small turning circle. It fits perfectly in and out of elevators while allowing users to travel through narrow corridors with ease.


This product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, featuring an ultra-slim base and tiny turning circle even in the tightest spaces. It can fit in and out of floor lifts and other small spaces, smoothly turn in narrow corridors without any complicated operations, the unit’s total weight is just 98 kg!



Sunrise Medical S425 Mobility Scooter

The S425 is a compact, road-ready mobility scooter with a maximum speed of 10 kph. With the S425’s substantial 30cm pneumatic wheels and all-round flexible suspension system, users are guaranteed a comfortable ride when riding over bumpy terrain or tackling drop-kerbs. The S425 is one of the most popular Sunrise Medical Scooters available on the market today. 


Sunrise Medical Sterling S700 Mobility Scooter

This S700 features an excellent outdoor performance with its 330 mm pneumatic wheels and 75Ah high-performance batteries that power a potential range of 55km. Sunrise Medical has also ensured the handle-bar is ergonomic and easily within reach thanks to the unit’s flexible tiller.



Finding Freedom with Independent Living Specialists & Sunrise Medical

For over a decade, ILS & Sunrise Medical have provided mobility care essentials to many Australians. Together, they have reached local communities with their impeccable service and knowledge in senior and disability care.


The Clinical Team at ILS consists of more than 35 Occupational Therapists that are professionals in assistive technology and equipment prescriptions. The team at ILS are fully qualified consultants, registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.


Both ILS and Sunrise Medical are here to help and support you in living a happy, independent life.